Times of Prayer and Worship 

Worsley Road Methodist Church: 

Morning Worship Sunday 10.45 am

Thursday 10.00 Prayer Meeting in Minister's vestry - Holy Communion as announced.

Other services as announced

St Charles RC Church: 

Sunday 8.45 am, 11.00 am,

Saturday 6.00 pm Mass

Monday - Friday 8.30 am: Mass

Confession Saturday 11.30 - 12.00 noon and after Saturday Mass

Other services as announced

St Augustine's C E Church:

Sunday Solemn Mass 11.00 am,

4.00 pm First Sunday in every month: Choras Evensong and benediction

All Saints, C E Church:

Sunday Sung Mass 9.30 am

Weekday services

7.30 pm Monday: Mass

10.00 am Wednesday: Mass

St Thomas's C E Church:

9.30am      Sunday  Family Communion & Junior Church 9.30am      Sunday  Service of the Word (Every first Sunday of the month).

 1.00pm      Wednesday Holy Communion (Every third Sunday of the month).
10.00am     Wednesday Fellowship Group (Fortnightly 3 Castleway).
 St Mary's R C Church:
11.15 am Sundays: Mass
10.00 am Tuesday, Thursday: Mass
9.30 am Tuesday: Rosary
Confession on request
Holy Days as announced

Moorside Independent Methodist Church:

Sunday 10.30 am, 6.00 pm

Worsley Road URC:

Sunday 10.45 am and 6.30 pm.

Wednesday 7.00 - 8.00 pm: Personal Prayer Quiet Time

Fourth Wednesday in month 12.00: Mid-day Communion 

Other services see church website

St Peter's C E Church:


Morning prayer: 7.30 a.m

Said Mass:  8.00 am, 5.30 pm.

Sung Mass:  10.30 am with Sunday School.


Mass: Tues 7.30 pm, Wed/Fri 12.30 pm, Thurs/Sat 10.00 am.

Morning Prayer:  8.45 am Monday -  Friday and 9.30 am Saturday.

Evening Prayer: 6.00 pm Tuesday –Saturday.

Exposition: 9.30 am Thursday.

Other services as announcedThe Salvation Army:

Sunday 10.30 - 12.00 am

St Anne's C E Church:

11.00am     Sunday  Family Communion & Junior Church
11.00am     Sunday  Family Service (Every first Sunday of the month).
9.00am     Wednesday Holy Communion (Every 2nd Wednesday of the month).
10.00am     Wednesday Good News Group (Weekly/Neighbourhood Centre).
 7.30pm     Tuesday Fellowship Group (Fortnightly/St Anne's Vicarage)
 7.00pm     Tuesday Prayer Group (Fortnightly/Meeting Room in Church).
St Mark's R C Church:
9.45 am, 4.00 pm Sunday: Mass
10.00 am Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Mass
9.15 am Friday: Exposition
9.15 - 9.45 am: Confession (and on request).
Holy Days as announced
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